Thursday, May 20, 2004

I feel slightly nauseous that the seemingly female friendly Curves is giving money to millitant anti-abortion groups. There could be so much common ground in the abortion debate. However nobody seems willing to see it. I think the pro-choice movement needs to be just that, about CHOICE. If a woman gets pregnant under sub-ideal circumstances there is a lot of pressure to terminate the pregnancy. I think these groups could work in conjunction to create resources for women who want to have 'inconvenient' babies, but don't know what to do. Anti-abortion groups pour all their time and energy into preventing abortions and not enough time supporting the millions of unwanted children in the US. The foster care system is a disaster. Let's get that fixed and then we can talk about allowing more unwanted children into the world. Teach kids about birth control and STD prevention. It's completely unrealistic to think that people aren't going to have sex until they're married.

Enough bleeding heart liberal suff for today.


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