Monday, June 20, 2005

Here is a recent e-mail I sent to the T regarding the escalators at the Park Street station.

Subject: Complaints
Mode: Subway
Line: Red Line
Station: Park St
Incident Date: 05/19/2005
Incident Time: 08:55 AM
Category 1: Escalator
Location Boarded: Davis
Direction: Inbound
Additional Comments:
The escalator at Park Street has been out of
service for months. When will it be fixed? I have to get knee surgery
soon and it would make my (and a whole lot of other
people's) lives easier if the escalator to Tremont street
were in service.

The elevators are filthy (as in there is usually an inch or
two of urine on the floor) and dangerous. So, they are not a
good option for anybody.

When will this be fixed, and why is it taking so long?

And their response:
Dear Customer:

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience you experienced
because the escalator at Park Street Station heading towards Tremont
Street was not working. We are in the process of getting a replacement
controller for this unit. Until then, this unit has been deemed unusable
due to the heavy downfalls of rain we experienced during this past
winter and last month.

The condition of the elevators you described that are located at Park
Street Station is unacceptable. The Cleaning Coordinator has been
notified regarding this concern and will begin a complete investigation

Please know that we value you as a customer and thank you for bringing
these matters to our attention.

Side note:
There will always be human waste in the MBTA elevators. There is nowhere else for the homeless to "go" in Downtown Boston. Unless they create more public restrooms in the city, people will continue to use any private space they can find. It also doesn't address the safety issue. I'm frightened of getting mugged in the elevator. They are cramped and unmonitored and anybody can watch for some particularly vulnerable person to walk in there. (Like somebody on crutches, or with a baby carriage).

Is this simple paranoia? Or is this a real concern?


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