Monday, March 13, 2006

I want my chair!

Here's a letter I fired off to Boston Baby today.

Dear Boston Baby,

I ordered new foam cushions for my Dutailier Glider on December 16, 2005. I was told that the wait time would be between 12-14 weeks. I called several times over the past couple of months to check to make sure the order was on track to be on time for March 10 at the latest. Each time I called, I was told that it was.

However March 10, has come and gone and now I am told that it will not be in for another two weeks and there is no way to expedite it.

I am very upset about this. If I had been told that the wait time was 14-16 weeks to begin with, I would have found a different vendor. The replacement pillows are very expensive and I expect better service for such a costly item. I am having a baby any day now, and I really don't want to wait two more weeks to be able to use my chair. (The original cushions were covered in broken glass during a fire at my home last year and had to be discarded.) Plus, given the fact that I was promised my order on March 10, I have no confidence that you will not continue to push this process out indefinitely. I find the complete lack of accountability on your part very disconcerting. I paid a deposit in good faith, and now I have to wait until your vendor feels like sending a truck down to Boston. If it doesn't make it on the next truck, will it be two weeks beyond that?

This product is supposed to be shipping from Canada, not Mars. Surely there is some way to get your vendors to make good on their commitments?




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