Monday, January 08, 2007

Recent Cuteness

A song, by Eric:

I like ladybugs
I like ladybugs
Ask the lady if she has any ladybugs

From the annals of sleepless parenthood:

Eric is slowly but surely giving up his nap. He's on the cusp, but there are many problems. If he doesn't fall asleep in the afternoon, by 6:30 PM he's a wreck. He's grouchy, he's exhausted and he can barely eat his dinner. He runs around moaning "I'm SO tired. I want to take my nap now." Usually we're in the middle of dinner by then, so we can't just pop him into bed, and I don't think a 6:30 bedtime would work for us. 7:30 is fine, but 6:30 is just too early. Rich doesn't even get home until 7:15 half the time and Eric really needs to see his dad at the end of the day.

On days where he does nap, he has a really hard time falling asleep. The nap keeps getting later and later. It's supposed to be 1:30-3:30, but lately he hasn't been falling asleep until 3 or 3:30. Then he can't fall asleep at night. He just lies there with his eyes open until 10 or so. Poor little guy.

But the upshot of all this is that he now sleeps until at least seven AM. Very often we have to go wake him up at 7:30. Last April, he was getting us up at 5:30 AM, so this is a huge improvement. However, his early rising guaranteed an early nap so it wasn't so bad.

But now that Eric is consistently sleeping past seven, are we getting a few extra hours of rest? Hell no. We now have 2 options with Kaylee and they both suck. Either she gets up and nurses at 4:00 AM and takes a good hour to fall back to sleep and then sleeps until 7, or I don't nurse her, and let her work it out and then she'll get up at six for the day. The second option is the most feasible long term. But she's very stubborn. I'll give her the binky at 4, and she'll quiet down long enough for me to doze off and then once I'm asleep, WAAAH! Repeat, binky, lay her down all is quiet and then WAAAAH! Saturday and Sunday we went through a couple hours of this, but this morning seemed better. But then she was up for the day at 6.

Between having 2 babies and being pregnant I have not had a good night's sleep in 4 years.

No wonder I want to take so many naps.


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