Sunday, June 10, 2007

Woman Lives Life and Forgets to Blog About It

I went to my college reunion last weekend. You can see me on the picture on the reunion home page. I'm the blond one with the blue top. I saw a lot of old friends, not as many as I had hoped, but it was very good to see those that were there nonetheless. One dear friend was very ill. Another seems to have dramatically chickened out. Not sure why, but I think it's time to give up on that one. It's hard for me to let old friends go. I probably give people too many chances to show they no longer give a shit whether I live or die. Perhaps I'm a sentimental idiot, but I do feel a lot of the friendships I made in college should have persevered. I have no shortage of wonderful friends now, both from before, during and after college. But there are a few missing links that leave me wondering what the hell I did. Their disappearances and brief reappearances and subsequent distancing have left me baffled and hurt. It's not a major thing. It's just like a mental ingrown toenail that lives in the back of my mind. Of course, I'm too grown up to ever discuss this with them. That would be messy and only lead to humiliation. So, I just let the toenail be. It gets better every year, and hopefully it will go away.

Jeesh.. I usually don't blog about this kind of thing. I wanted to talk a bit about the reunion itself. I was the only straight person there with a spouse. Perhaps 36 year olds with husbands don't go to these types of weekends. But I thought it was odd that I was suddenly in the minority, unlike in my "real" life, I live primarily amongst other breeders, similarly coupled. Perhaps I was the only mother who's kids were old enough to be left with their Dad for a weekend (I'll get to that later). But be that as it may, I was the only one who answered the question: what do you do? with "Mom. I'm a Mom." I said I was thinking about graduate school, which I am. But thinking is not applying or taking the dreaded GRE, which I doubt I'll be able to do anytime soon.

I expected to come home from my weekend away to chaos. But I walked in the door and the house was FREAKING SPOTLESS. Why is Rich a better stay at home parent than me? Why? My only consolation is that I was a much better housekeeper when I first quit than I am now. And I have focussed most of my energies on cooking, versus cleaning. And I'm sure that no cooking took place during my weekend away.

But I'm very lucky that Rich gave me the time to myself. It was a big deal for him to step up like that and I love him for it. He's a very good man. Even though he had nothing for me on my birthday. (sulk) He got me a pile of rocks. Granted, I wanted that pile of rocks, but I wasn't expecting it in lieu of something shiny or something good to read.

Today is my 37th birthday. My mother decided it was time for me to get some real dishes. So, she took me to the local potter in Shelburne Falls and we picked out general colors we liked and gave some guidelines on patterns, etc and told the potter to go to town.

I am thrilled. We did not do wedding china. We registered at Crate and Barrel and their china sucks. It was all bland and ugly and totally not worth $50 per place setting. So, we got some stuff we liked at the Mikasa outlet. So, this will be our wedding china. It's a totally extravagant gift. But, my mom pointed out, it's my birthday present, my christmas present and my graduation present (should I ever go for that Master's degree...) Nobody else in the world will have a set quite like it. Hopefully the potter'll make it by the end of the summer.

Kids are doing great. Kaylee is finally walking, lurching around, falling on her ass like she's supposed to with a giant grin on her face. Once she is steadier on her feet, I'll feel more comfortable taking her to places like Revere Beach, where the water is shallow and fun to splash in. Eric is steady, and as predictable as an almost 4 year old can be. He's an absolute delight most of the time. He's been working magic with legos and Brio train tracks.

So, that's the news from the last couple of weeks. Nothing too exciting. Just steady. And I'm 37. Which is a lot closer to 40 than I thought I'd be by now.


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Hey! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your pile of rocks.

I wonder if Pam is going to her 15 year reunion, or if there even is one.

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