Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pleasant Exhaustion

Rich took the kids sledding at about 8:30 this morning. He decided that he needed to run them early if we wanted to have a nice day later. They were Wild Things with Too Much Energy (TM). I stayed behind because I couldn't quite get it together to go with them. And I must admit that the prospect of an hour to myself was not unappealing.

Then we visited a parent Q&A that the director of Prospect Hill Academy had set up for interested parents. It's a fabulous school. I had that impression when we first visited, but now I'm sure of it. The facility isn't the greatest, but neither is the Brown and that doesn't stop people from raving about it either. Both of the moms that came in to meet prospective parents commute in from Boston and were completely thrilled with the school. There is a fun after school that takes them on cool field trips twice a month when they have half days.

So, I think it's between PHA and Kennedy depending on where we get in. Both (thankfully) are about a half mile from my house. One, I'd pick for the curriculum and teachers. The other has the same curriculum and similar teachers to any other Somerville public school, but has my favorite building out of all the ones we visited. The Kindergartens open up onto a magical, small play yard, complete with a fabulous play structure. The classrooms were full of interesting artwork and projects and cupboards spilling with colorful supplies.

I'm sure we'll go observe both schools while class is in session (the Kennedy kindergarten was on a field trip while I was there).

But I feel like I have two really great choices. Can I just say again, how much I love Somerville?


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