Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Another Exciting Episode of: Barn Hunters

On Aprils 23 I will have been married for 10 years. I remember being single and meeting jerks/guys and wondering if a guy could be "the one." When I met Rich and after our 2nd date, I knew I was on to something really good. He asked me to date him exclusively and I had to think about it. I called him the next day and said "Um, yeah. I think you're right." And he said. "Awesome. It's going to be good," with a certainty that I would get to know. I've felt that blood pressure drop while house/condo hunting. You look at a lot of crap and then walk into a place and think "Oh, I can work with THIS."

There's a lot about this barn search that reminds me of house/husband hunting. You look at a lot of places that you WANT to make work because of proximity or price. But in your heart you just know that they don't. They're too crowded, or they don't have an indoor arena or all of the other clients are 12 years old.

I think I found a barn that I thought "Oh, I can work with this" I had that feeling about it. I love everything about this barn except for the location. It's in West Bumfuck, MA. But it's the part of West Bumfuck MA that's halfway to The Farm, so I could conceivably zip out there in the middle of our vacations which are mostly spent there...

I have two more places up North to look at, one in Boxford and one as far as West Newbury. The WN one is as far as the first place, but it's up 93/95 which are much faster roads than route 2. The fact that I realized that I am willing to really travel for the right place has totally expanded my options. I just need to figure out what I'm doing before March because I have to re- up my lessons at the place I am now otherwise, I'll be without riding and if I lose momentum again, I will be very sad. I'd like to start riding at the barn I hope to board at once I get myself rehorsed sometime this Fall. (If all goes according to plan!) There's about a million little ducks running around that will need to be in a row by then.

Meanwhile, I have fallen inexplicably and madly in love with the photos and video of an Irish TB in Ohio. My smarter equestrienne friends don't think he's all that. But something about him really moves me. But alas, I'm sure he will be taken by September. I'm sure hoping there will be another one.


Blogger zaidazee said...

It's probably going to her spam folder. Just call her.

2:34 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

She e-mailed last night. I think I have found myself a BARN!

2:49 PM  

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