Saturday, May 22, 2004

We watched the last episode of Angel on Thursday night. I was really sad to see it go. I think it went rather quietly. At least Buffy had a 2 hour finale. Rich got me a Tivo for mother's day. I thought with Angel, Buffy and Friends gone there would be nothing left to Tivo. But we seem to have become obsessed with various HGTV shows. It's taping "Designed to Sell" (Because we're going to sell our condo in a year) "This Old House" and "Dream House." We're getting psyched up to do an addition at what is now our income property. We're also taping Scrubs, Family Guy Ab Fab and Coupling.

The thing that makes me nuts about these DIY shows is the budgets. They have at least 2 professional carpenters and a designer thrown into a 1k budget. The labor alone on some of these projects is a few thousand dollars (at least in this area). IF you can get somebody GOOD with the skills who is willing to work on a small job. But these people in "designed to sell" are so depressing. They live in these dated houses for decades without making changes. We bought a house last year and found out that they had no electricity in their half bath. There was no outlet and the overhead light wasn't connected to anything. to fix that and 2 others (also disconnected) was all of $300. How can you have no power in your bathroom? How do you read if you want to go at NIGHT? And the clutter! My GOD. We take many carloads a year over to Salvation Army and Good Will. I'm not a "stuff" person. I get rid of things all the time. My parent's house is really cluttered. Both my parents fantisize about backing a dumpster up to the house and throwing out the other one's stuff. But neither is willing to part with their own stuff. Another fact about my family. They don't use suitcases. They move their stuff back and forth to their weekend place in plastic laundry baskets. I think my husband has been a good influence on me in this respect. We use luggage when we go out there.


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