Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Knee Update

Went for my post-op today. At first it looked like I still wouldn't find out what had been done to me. But the doctor turned up eventually and told me what happened. And the good news, is that I think Dr. Beauty Sleep is in big trouble for being such an unhelpful, unsympathetic bastard to me at such a dark time.

The pain on Friday night was from an effusion. This is a little gross, so don't' read on if you're squeamish. The cavity of the knee filled up with blood, causing major swelling and pain. This is very common side effect because I had a plica removed.

He did some other stuff and my prognosis is good. I should be back to normal in about another week. And his PA, Liz drained the excess crap from my knee and suddenly it was mobile again. She took about a pint of blood and joint fluid out of there with a big honking scary needle. And a prescription for Vicodin (a touch of locking the barn door after the horse escaped).. But I was happy to get it because the effusion can still come back.

It's kind of sad when the best thing that's happened to you all week is a needle the size of a banana going into the side of your knee, but it was still the best thing that's happened to me all week. Except for Eric singing the Macarena. He sings the "EYE EYE" part when he runs around naked after his bath.

The song goes something like this.
Humma dumma grumma numa duma Naked Baby
Grum Badda Badda dumma dada deeda Naked Baby
Humma dudda badda deeda dadda Naked Baby
HEY Naked Baby!
Eye Eye!! (sung by both parents and child)

I still walk like Igor, but it's a more flexible Igor than I was this morning


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