Thursday, August 18, 2005

Miracles do Occur

My husband found the following note on my car yesterday:

"I'm sorry that I gave you a ticket Didn't notice you are on the list Sorry again (Mark) Parking Control Officer"

Wow. It's one thing for him to realize that I am on the "do not ticket in this neighborhood list" but to actually leave a note of apology? That was so unbelievably kind. It's such a lousy feeling to come back to your car and see a ticket. The note left us with all kinds of warm fuzzies.

Very cool for a change. My husband actually saw him leaving the note and thought it was a ticket and the guy apologized profusely to him as well. It was an honest mistake. The whole incident left me with a much better feeling about the state of humanity. If more people just openly apologized for their mistakes this would be a much better world.

Home with a nasty sinus infection at the moment and it's making me very sad.


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