Saturday, August 06, 2005

More Progress on the House

We have our second building permit and there is a huge hole in my backyard! They issued it first thing Monday morning with the stipulation that we could not dig until we had our letter from the City Clerk stating that nobody had appealed our decision for 20 days.

My dad went to the city clerk's office Tuesday afternoon and they issued the letter after closing. I went to the registry of deeds at 7:45 on Wednesday and got it on record for a mere $75 (that's OUTRAGEOUS) and they gave me a certified copy to show that I had on record. The contractor dropped it off at the Building Department on Thursday AM and we had a big hole in the back yard by the end of the day. It was awesome.

There was a small backhoe there that Eric got to climb on when we went over on Thursday night. I told him it was Scoop, or "Thoop" as Eric calls him. He believed me.

We're over budget and we don't know by how much yet. I think we're going to have to hand over the proverbial sack-of-cash to the contractor soon. But the framing and the demo that they've been working on the past couple weeks was not in the original contract, so I'm not sure that that will mean.

In theory we're supposed to move in in 21 days. Somehow I don't see how that will happen. But I'm hoping.


Blogger Pam said...

Awesome!!! Congratulations!!
OK, even if it's 30 days, or 40 days, that's pretty cool.


6:47 AM  

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