Thursday, June 30, 2005

Inching towards progress
My contractor is doing too projects for me at once. He's completing the repairs at my condo from the fire. It's just a huge laundry list (no dryer fire pun intended). He calls me several times a day with updates and questions. Most contractors tend to disappear for long stretches of time and he doesn't and that's GREAT.

But his crew is stretched thin between the two projects. But by the end of this week the only thing left to do at my condo should be installing the dryer and carpeting the stairs. He probably won't do this until we can pay him something. The insurance adjuster has been sitting on our claim for weeks now and the association has no money to pay him. We may have to dig in our pockets to give him something. I feel terrible he's a few grand out of pocket on this.

All this means that we're falling behind schedule on our renovations at our new house. But they're doing the demo as fast as they can. They've dismantled our old kitchen and they're starting to take out a useless back staircase. Yesterday afternoon he pulled them all off the house and brought them over to the condo in an attempt to close nearly everything out over there before the end of the week.

It's just so amazing how much damage a small fire can wreak. The fire itself was contained in our laundry area. But the firemen damaged a whole bunch of windows and screens and even a door that they kicked open. We had to repaint a stairway because of damage they did getting down the stairs.

Hopefully the condo will be finished by Friday, pending the dryer install and the carpeting. Then they can start the real work at our new house.


Nothing is ever simple.


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