Friday, January 20, 2006

Wishing for sleep

I wish I could post something to my blog that didn't hightlight how exhausted I am. I know I will feel better after the baby comes. But YIKES! This really sucks. In my 20's I used to think about sex all the time. Now I think about long naps at least every 20 seconds. I think it's partly because we are completely overwhelmed financially and by the sheer amount of tasks that need to be done in our new home. I don't' have a house cleaner any more, so any time I am putting my feet up, I really should be vacuuming or scrubbing something out. Or going to the grocery store... Or running another errand... Or cooking nutritious vegetable-infused meals for my entire family. There is no guilt free downtime any more. This will probably get worse when the baby comes. But at least I get a few months off to take naps with the baby. That's most of what I remember from my maternity leave with Eric. Nursing, with a book propped up, changing lots of diapers and sleeping.

Last night I stumbled into the bathroom for a mid-sleep-pee, and stumbled back to bed. Rich woke me up shortly afterwards saying something about "Toilet Paper!" apparently the toilet paper roll had attached itself to my pajamas and there was a solid path of TP from the bathroom to our bad that went under the closed door. It's one of those things that seems freakier at 3:00 AM than it would in the morning.

Eric came into our bed shortly before six AM and snuggled. Then about 20 minutes later he wanted me to play "tickie-pie" where he asks me to tickle various parts of his person. (all of which are ticklish.) Then he bolted up and said "IT'S MORNING. DADDY GET UP!" and they began their day together. Then I had dreams that Rich was cheating on me with a French woman and didn't understand why I was so furious.


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