Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More Chevy Blues and Some General Rambles

So, after we spent an obscene amount of cash replacing the rotors for the 2nd time in 50k miles, the car still isn't running correctly. Rich smelled a burning smell after he drove it, as if the emergency brake wasn't releasing correctly. He had a business trip to CT today, so he ended up taking my mom's car, and she took mine. My Honda is a stick, and he's not too comfortable with that, so it just seemed easier all around to do a big switcharoo.

I seldom use my car during the weekdays, so my dad usually commandeers it for his meetings around the Boston area.

I'm having trouble retaining consciousness at work. I have developed the Mystery-Earache-From-Hell -- which the doctor tells me is not from an ear infection. But it's making me nuts. It started as this weird whooshing sound in my ear, that occasionally sounds like squeaking. So, it ranges from Marching Army of Darkness to Squeaky Little Mouse. Plus I have so much acid-reflux from the pregnancy I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping at night.

Three more weeks and I'll hopefully have a daughter and I'll feel a lot better physically. New babies make you tired, but it's a lot more fun than late pregnancy.

I'm thinking of changing my husband's name to Saint Richard. He's not really good with the footrubs through times like this, but he takes excellent care of Eric and our house. Basically he does everything while I lie around on the weekends and complain. Then he makes me get up and go for a walk, which I end up enjoying. He's just the best.


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