Friday, September 08, 2006

Crosswalk Tales

Kaylee and I took a walk to the nearly picturesque Porter Square. The parking lot is significantly smaller than it needs to be so people loop around a lot looking for spots.

I was pushing Kaylee's stroller into a crosswalk right behind a navy blue Olds Cutlass when the damn thing starts backing up! I yanked the stroller diagonally out of the way screaming "STOP! What the fuck is the matter with you!"

Then the window rolls down and I'm expecting some Neanderthal with an unintelligible Boston accent when the face at the wheel is a ringer for the rapping grandmother from the Wedding Singer. She is holding her heart and seeing her life flash before her as she process the fact that she almost backed her Olds into a baby carriage. Kaylee was at her cutest grinning and making faces at her.

"I'm so sorry! It's just so hard to park here." She apologized in horror.

My God. I just screamed at a sweet old lady. I'm going straight to Hell. I tried to apologize to her but she wouldn't let me.


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