Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I do better in hot weather than I used to, since I had children, but not much. Eric is at his air-conditioned school, and Kaylee are hiding on our third floor den with our only air conditioner cranked. Our bedroom was 90 degrees when we went to sleep last night, but Kaylee didn't seem to mind it. She actually slept a good nine hours in her crib -- which was good because Eric, unable to sleep in his small, rather stuffy room was in our bed. Kaylee came into our bed at 5:00, and we nursed back to sleep almost immediately, but then my spidey sense woke me up, and Eric was whacking her on the head with his hand.

I grabbed his hand and shook it, and he started yelling about "Mommy hit me in my BED!" After that it was light out, so Rich just sucked it up and got up with him. Kaylee and I slept until nearly 8 and I woke up crabby and sweaty. One more night of this, and then Thursday night it should be in the 60's. So we'll crank up the fans, open the windows and cool the house down. But until then, I feel like the guys in Raiders of the Lost Ark when their faces fell off.


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