Friday, July 14, 2006

Pedicures for new moms, and the Boston Baby saga continued....

My toes look fabulous. Like movie star fabulous. I got a pedicure on Wednesday at a nail salon in Cambridge called "Wet Paint Nail Spa." Michelle, the owner does a really good job. But the best part is she doesn't do acrylic nails, so the salon doesn't smell like a hazardous waste site, so it's safe to bring a baby in. The pedicure takes place big comfy chairs that are totally comfortable to nurse in. It's a little pricey at $40 for the pedicure. However it takes an hour. And after 12 solid weeks of new baby plus toddler a little relaxation was worth a lot more than a mere $40. My sister took Kaylee for part of it, but she got hungry and cranky so I ended up nursing her during the nail polish phase. Next time, I'll just bring her.

In other news, I got an e-mail from our good Attorney General Tom Reilly. There's a lawsuit against Boston Baby. A lot of people never got their stuff and the state is trying to help them recover deposits. Fortunately, I never use cash for that kind of stuff, so my credit card company refunded my hundred bucks after a two minute phone call. But a lot of folks paid with a check and weren't so lucky.


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