Monday, May 22, 2006

On a NON kid-related note
Rich and I went out for a rare evening on-the-town in Inman Square on Saturday night. We ended up at Montien, a Thai restaurant that's a new franchise of a Montien restaurant on Stuart Street downtown.

I was eating my Pad Thai, and I went to pop a tasty looking shrimp in my mouth and there was a short, STRAIGHT, black hair in it. I told the waiter and they offered to bring me a new meal. But I had pretty much lost my appetite after that. They took the Pad Thai off the bill, but nothing else. Now I will never go back there.

I spoke to my cousins, both professional waitresses. They said most restaurants would comp your meal for something like that. But not Montien in Inman Square...

But it was still good to get out without diaper bags and snack-packs and juice cups.


Blogger Unknown said...

That is great that you two got out on your own. DH and I desparately need one of those soon. I think we had one in February, we are due. Love my little man to pieces, but DH and I need a little time to ourselves as well. I think the breaks makes us better parents afterwards.

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