Thursday, April 20, 2006

The first few days

I went insane on the first day, the second day was fine. The third day I was in tears by the end. But then we got some sleep, and today is looking to be much better.

My milk came in, thus turning me into some kind of weird fetish super-hero with giant rock-hard boobs that shoot milk across the room every time I take my shirt off. Kaylee is latching pretty good, but I'm quite sore, so I thought I'd take a trip over to "Boob Club" AKA Breastfeeding Drop-in group this morning. The regular lactation consultant wasn't there so the trip wasn't as useful as I had hoped, but I remembered the key to taking care of a new baby.


Have breasts, diapers, spare outfits and plastic bags will travel, is the call of a new mother. And you can quote me on that!

So, today has been better than yesterday. The constant nursing yesterday made me a little nuts by the end. She only wanted to sleep while nursing, which made it difficult to do little things like oh.. Pee?

My mom came by and rocked her for an hour while Rich put Eric to bed. I went upstairs and watched a little TV by myself and I felt like a reasonable human by the time I came downstairs.

So far I'm hanging in there. But we'll see what happens tomorrow...


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