Thursday, March 30, 2006

Shock the Librarian

Eric's school is closed for Spring Break. I find this annoying on so many levels, but whatever. Unless we go to a "corporate" center, ie mulberry or Bright Horizons that's the way it's going to be. I have no problems with Mulberry. In fact, he went there for a year and we loved it. But it's all about the convenience, baby. I don't drive to work, so it needs to be within walking distance of my house otherwise daycare would become a logistical nightmare.

So, Rich watched him Monday, my mom had him Tuesday and Today and I had him yesterday.

It was a good day. We started the day at the library. He really likes it there. We discuss what kind of books we're going to look for. Yesterday he said "I want books about farts!"

I was hoping he'd forget, but didn't really expect him to. So, at the library he repeated his wish for the fart books. I told him he'd have to tell the librarian. Undaunted we went up to the desk and he said "IWANTabookaboutfarts."

"Excuse me?" Asked the librarian.

"I want a book aboutfarts." The librarian looked at me to confirm what he'd heard.

I shrugged. "Yep. That's what he wants. I think the folks that do Everybody Poops also do one about farts." So, he found us some books about a farting dog that Eric has been enjoying.

Then we went to my pre-natal appointment. The doctor listened to the baby's heart while E hung out in his stroller eating Sun Chips. She asked him, "Do you know what's in there?" pointing to my ENORMOUS belly.

He paused and said "A PERSON!"

A most awesome day.


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