Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend Update

Saint Richard has been nesting. He's been getting the baby's nursery all ready for her. He's got the furniture arranged in a logical fashion, but then he realized we had no place to keep her books and toys. He wanted to go to Target, but I really hate their furniture. It only lasts about a year. We got a bookcase for Eric before he was born, and it's falling apart. So, we went to Ikea on Saturday night. Last time we drove down, we went fairly close to 10:00 AM when they opened. But after about 20 minutes of shopping I developed crowd-induced-vertigo as thousands of people swarmed around me. When we left, route 24 was backed up for a good five miles before the Ikea exit. So, on a hunch that most other people have something better to do than look at reasonably priced Scandinavian furnishings on Saturday night, we decided to give it a shot. Our hunch paid off. While the other people of Massachusetts bathed and put their kids to bed, or went to dinner or movies, we shopped for reasonably priced Scandinavian furnishings. We got there just before 8:00 PM and it wasn't crowded. It only took about 20 minutes to drive down from Somerville, and we got a spot very close to the entrance. We got a cube-shelving unit for our den that has plastic drawers. It looks fantastic.

We also got a very tall bookcase with cabinet doors for books and toys. Rich hasn't had a chance to put it together yet, but I think it will be very nice.

Eric was a champ in the store. Aside from a minor melt-down caused by us having him out WAY past his normal bedtime, he was well behaved and cheerful in the store. Then we ran out of raisins. After that he got really grouchy. He wanted to lie on the floor of the store and rest. It wasn't that crowded, but it wasn't a safe place for a 2.5 year old to have a snooze either! So, we got him home and to bed by 10. But the kick in the crotch is that he still got up before 6:00 AM and wanted to play.

"Daddy GET UP!"
"No Eric, it's too early. It's sleep time."
"No, Daddy. It's WAKE UP time!"

We have this conversation for a while. Poor Rich eventually stumbles out of bed and they do their morning stuff. I am 38 weeks pregnant, so I get to sleep late. But I still feel guilty about it. But not so guilty that I'd actually get up and let Rich sleep. Hence the Saint Richard designation. He's really awesome.


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