Thursday, March 16, 2006

Locked out!

In the "My dad acts like a krack-head sometimes" department...

Yesterday I picked up The Boy from daycare in the stroller. We went to walk through the woods at the Academy of Arts and Sciences when he started shrieking "THAT way! I don't want to walk through the woods!" So, I said "OK." The "woods" are a shortcut, but it isn't that big of a deal.

So we walked through a very pretty snow-squall, Eric in his stroller with the "rain topper" on. Me with gloves-but-no-hat-because-I'm-in-denial-that-it-got-cold-again. We get to our house and I pull out my keychain, but there is no house-keys on it. It's just a clicker for my Honda and a black and silver car key.

I remember connecting my house-key chain to my car keys. I split them up recently to loan my dad my car. He has his own key, but he forgot it last time he borrowed it. So, I separated the keys. But when I got my car key back, I put all the keys back together. The keychain was there, but there was no keys on it.

This was a Gaslight moment.

Of course it happened on a night when Rich was driving home from CT and I forgot my cell phone. So, I went two doors down to my neighbor's house and called my mom. She had my car (see below.. Because Rich had hers) and there is a copy of my housekey on my that keychain. So, she popped in her car and drove down to Somerville from Lexington where she works to rescue me.

So, Eric ended up having a good time playing with my neighbor's boys (2 & 3). Then my mom turned up and let us into my house and I fed her dinner.

My phone was ringing as we were walking in the door. It was my dad. When I told him about my disappearing keys he was like "OH.. I thought those were my keys and I took them last night." But it was my keychain! He was aparently confused. We were all swapping keys around on Tuesday night so Rich would have the keys to my parent's Subaru, and so my mom would have keys to my car and somehow he got them mixed up.

So, he dropped whatever he was doing and came over with my keys. The whole thing left me disoriented and a little annoyed. But it turned out OK. I got to visit with my neighbor, who we're always trying to get together with. But when I think about the keys not being there, it makes me a little dizzy.


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