Thursday, April 06, 2006

Maternity Leave Begins

When I was pregnant with Eric I left work a week before my due-date. This time I planned on working up until the end. However, my body will not cooperate with that plan. Suffice it to say, I'm having a common pregnancy-related side-effect that has completely debilitated me. It is manifested in my posterior region and requires that I spend a lot of time lying on my side.

I will say no more. The whole thing is revolting and incredibly painful.

So, I've been out since Tuesday. I've mostly been running around doing errands and going to various Dr's appointments. I saw my OBGYN yesterday. I'm at 2 centimeters. Last week, I was at 1.5. At this rate I'll have the baby in sixteen weeks. (My due date is Monday!) I'm going back on Monday and we'll decide on an induction if we have no action before then. Eric was a week late, but second babies are supposed to be early or at least on time (roughly!)

The two other April Mammas in Eric's class have had their babies as of today. One was a week early, the other is just finishing a scheduled c-section right about now.

Enough of my grumping.

In other news Rich got a new car. (the make and model in this picture is actually the color we got) We went car-shopping on Saturday and as usual we made our decision in about two seconds and we ended up leasing Rich a new Honda CRV and trading in the Evil 1999 Blazer. We had wanted a minivan or something with a third row of seats, but in order to get what we wanted, it just wasn't cost-effective. The really high end minivans get decent mileage and those cost nearly 40k. So, we got the CRV which is really fun to drive. We got a decent deal on a 3 year lease. We probably could have done better if we had shopped around more, but we really like Cambridge Honda. They sell Chevy's too and that's where we got the Evil Blazer. The problems we had were systemic to that particular model, so we never thought to blame them that they sold us a lemon. They're just a little less sleazy than other dealers. Of course the sleaze factor is what gives you room to negotiate, but we had Eric with us so we couldn't really sit down and get the best deal. But it's fine. We can afford the montly payments and we have a safe family car to schlep the family around in.

I was slated to get the next new car. But my 1998 accord runs perfectly. There is no rational or financial reason to trade it in, other than it was MY TURN! But I love my car. The accord has been my favorite car since college. The only problem with my car is that it's a stick and Rich doesn't feel comfortable driving it. Hence we have our "own" cars, instead of 2 family cars.

OK.. I'm officially babbling.



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