Monday, April 10, 2006

Another Due Date Passing...

I am a relatively punctual person. But when it comes to having babies, that all falls to sh*t. Almost everybody I know was a little early for their second kid. But not me. It's April 10 (actual due date) and no baby yet. I'm off to the doctor in a bit to decide what to do. There's a fine line when deciding to induce. On the one hand it will end my suffering. This last phase of pregnancy is so hard, emotionally and physically. Plus the placenta starts to deteriorate after 40 weeks and fluids can start to leak. But induction comes with its own set of risks. It's better if I start labor on my own. Eric was a week late, and what an awful week that was. But at least it's not the last week of August now!

I've had contractions start and stop so may times now I've lost count. Last night, she was trying to stretch and it was incredibly painful and contraction-like, but it wasn't the real McCoy.

We've changed the name, but we're still not spilling until she's born. We want NO opinions on this, positive or negative. There was a name that came up that Rich and I both felt really strongly about. Not sure why, but we both thought it was The ONE. This was the first time this has happened for Baby Girl. We knew Eric's first name from the time we knew he was a boy. He was named after my totally awesome cousin Eric who left this world at the untimely age of 26. But it took us forever to come up with "Henry" for a middle name. He had vetoed all the names that I love, and really had no serious suggestions of his own. It was the same thing this time around. It was like asking a three-year-old to name his little sister. He comes up with "Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Toaster!" kinds of names.

anyhow.. I'll be so glad to take my little new baby home and introduce her to her big brother and her cousin and all the grand-rents. But for now, I'm just twiddling my thumbs and trying to rest.

And for some reason I've been feeling really smug about the fact that Eric has never seen the inside of a McDonald's. Yes... I've been spending a lot of energy thinking about that. I suppose parenting makes us insecure and we take our little victories when we can. I LOATHE McDonald's. I have since I was little. They put onions and PICKLES on everything. Disgusting.

Another thing I've been feeling smug about amidst all this late-pregnancy angst was a little recent incident: We got a set of Lincoln Logs from a family member. He found a tiny plastic gun and showed it to me and asked "What's this called?" I immediately distracted him with a Saltine and hid it away. Wow. These Cambridge educated preschoolers don't know from Guns. I can't help but think that's kind of cool.

Other than these two things, I'm totally flying by the seat of my pants and wondering if a toddler can get scurvy from an all-Saltine diet?


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