Monday, April 24, 2006

Week 2

Saturday AM, we packed both kids into the car for the first time ever. We managed to go to Babies R US, get a shower gift and make it on-time for a baby shower.

We're still not sure how we accomplished this. I've been checking major newspapers to see if there was a glitch in the space-time continuum, but so far nothing is showing up. Eric was a model-child at the shower -- One of those kids that makes everybody go "Awww.. He's so well behaved." Suddenly he's much easier at parties. Kaylee slept through most of it, waking up to nurse once and returning to sleep shortly afterwards. Thus we gave the illusion that this is doable.

Kaylee is sleeping in her crib. I've actually gotten her to fall asleep in there for a few days in a row. She's impossible to move once she's sleeping, so my only hope of any independent time is to get her to fall asleep where I want her to be.

So, I'm still not quite myself. I'm somewhere in my body controlling my actions through a faulty set of controls, like a car that's steering is slightly out of allignment. It's safe, but you have to work a lot harder to make things work properly. My body is recovering and I'm finally calmed down enough to sleep every chance I get. But it will be more time before I become myself again.


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