Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More Bodily Fluid Fun!

I almost changed the name of this blog to "Spit Up on Mom," based on the amount of times Kaylee has made me change my shirt in the last few days.

Then Sunday night, Eric got sick and threw up all over...

His Dad!

That's right, it was Rich's turn to go see why he was fussing in the night and he was rewarded with a chest full of partially digested cottage cheese and noodles. Poor guy. But it made up for the night I spent during a blizzard when Eric threw up on me about 100 times in a row. So, after he threw up, he stayed up the rest of the night fussing, asking to come in and out of our bed and generally doing what he could to prevent anybody else from sleeping. Rich and I were a wreck the next day.

We kept him out of school yesterday, and of course that was one of Kaylee's sleep strike days. She's been sleeping almost nonstop every other day. Yesterday she'd start to nod off and then two minutes later she'd be wide awake. Today she's spent most of the day sleeping peacefully in her crib, so I suppose I'm in for a bit of a doozy tomorrow. So, I had two tired, grouchy kids. Fortunately Rich intuited that I was not ready to handle the two of them myself for an entire day yet, and worked from home. Thank God his job is flexible enough that he can do that. He was able to grab Eric when he fussed, and Kaylee if she was fussing if I was taking care of Eric. The whole thing was very draining.

But by the afternoon Eric was ready to go off to the park on his bike and we thought he'd go to school this morning. But shortly before it was time to leave, he came up and told me that his tummy and his legs hurt. (His legs, both legs? What's up with that?) But by 10, he was asking to go play with his friends, so we brought him in around lunch time. He was snarfing up his lunch within minutes.

So, life has returned to to normal for now. Or at least some semblance of normal. How do people watch a toddler and a new baby in normal life? Or twins?

It seems insane to me. But people do it.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hello, I just stumbled onto your blog. Congratulations on the new bundle of joy! I have a niece named Kaylee (spelled the same) great name! I have a 9 mos. old son myself. Wow, she is already sleeping 8 hour stretches, that is fantastic. How old is Eric? From what you write he sounds pretty young. DH and I are planning to have a second child soon making them very close. I'll be anxious to read more from you about the challenges of raising two close together. Blessings!

11:14 AM  

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