Saturday, June 17, 2006

And the Title Must Change!

As of yesterday morning, I am not longer a working mom. I resigned from my comfortable job at Emerson College to stay home with my kids. The decision was wrenching and difficult. I did not want to blog about the process, because my number one rule of public blogging is: NEVER blog about anything you wouldn't want your boss to read. So, until I had really made the decision I did not write about it here.

After Kaylee was born and I had been home a couple of weeks, I was having a harder and harder time contemplating leaving her to go back to work. I even completed and submitted my application to get an au pair. But when they started calling me I froze. I did not want a stranger living in my house and I did not want somebody else taking care of my kids all day. I wanted to do it. Daycare in this area would have eaten my entire take home pay. For me, with one kid it was do-able. With two it was not. The very thought of getting them both back and forth to daycare, and getting myself to work via public transportation made my stomach churn with stress.

So, come September Eric will be in preschool half time, from 8:30-12:45 and I'll have the girl all day, and both of them all afternoon.

This decision was hard and gut wrenching, but after I finally talked to my boss I felt like a great weight had been lifted. It's the right thing for me now, and I feel really good about it.

Ask me again what I was thinking come February! Watch this space for news of this transition because I think it will be a doozy.


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