Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Eric and his "girlfriend" Madeleine on a trip to Revere Beach.  Posted by Picasa


Blogger HappyPete said...

awww! how cute!

we're so sorry that we can't come visit you guys this 4th of July...for months Pam was talking about it like it was a foregone conclusion that we were going, but finally the reality of how broke we are and how much we have to do to get the house finished has landed on us squarely.

We're going to do a much more down-scoped trip to visit her mom...she hasn't seen her in too long, as well.

Maybe you guys will be up to travelling in the not-too distant future? We have space, although until we get the bedrooms finished it might be you two in the guest bedroom and Eric "camping out" in the Library. Kaylee could be in either, depending on just how soon from now this hypothetical trip is, and whether she is still sleeping in the room with you.

8:06 AM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Given my new status as a lady of "Leisure" (HA! With 2 kids under 3, I don't thinks so!) we have no money to travel. But some day we'll want to take the kids to DC and show them where true evil lurks in the hearts of men and occasionally women.

Sorry you guys aren't coming up for the 4th, but there's always Labor Day. Pam left me a message recently. I was hoping she was going to say you guys had the hurge to jump in the car and come to Massachusetts. Oh well. Hopefully you'll make in January at the very least for Arisa.

4:43 PM  

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