Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I know there are children in my neighborhood. I see them walking down the street every day. We set up playdates with them and they come to our back yard and play on our swingset. But on Halloween, where are they? We've gotten one trick-or-treater all night. What's wrong with Somerville? When we lived on Sycamore Street we had five jack-o-lanterns on our porch and Rich had to sit out front with a big bowl of candy to get anybody to brave our front walk. But we thought our new neighborhood would be different.

But even here in our new 'hood, the streets are empty. Even emptier than usual. What's going on? It's mostly with single and two family houses. No large apartment buildings to brave. Rich took Eric out trick or treating, sans costume. Well, actually we put him in his Pats jersey and everybody thought he was Tom Brady. Our neighbors were SO grateful to even get one kid.

What's going on here? Where are the children?

I suppose most of them cross Beacon Street into Cambridge and trick or treat there. That's what some of our friends did. Rich didn't want to go there on principal because we'd be adding to the problem. Our entire front porch is covered in fun Halloween decorations. But it wasn't enough.

Think I'm going to soak my head now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the kids go to particular streets like Crescent Street or Traymore Street.
Map. They close up the street to through traffic. Everyone decorates and all the kids are there. Hundreds and hundreds of them.


7:50 PM  

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