Monday, January 15, 2007

From the It Takes So Little to Make me Ecstatic Department

Jennifer Weiner quoted me on her blog today. How totally cool is that? She had referred to her mother's partner as her "Special Lady Friend," and thus offended 65% of the lesbian hemisphere. She decided to put the question of what to call her mother's partner out to the Internet. I sent her the following exchange I had with my uncle over 10 years ago:

I have a gay uncle who introduced me to a [fill in the blank here] friend. He said this is "Dave, my uh.. uh..."
"Little Friend?" I said hopefully.
He said "YES! My little friend!"
And that's what we've called his boyfriends ever since.

She wrote me the next day and asked if she could use it and proceeded to, of course (journalist that she is/was) quote me by name.

Jennifer Weiner is one of my favorite authors. She blew me away with her first novel "Good and Bed." I finished it and immediately picked it up and read it again. It was like spending time with a really good friend. After that, I've kind of grown up with her characters as they went through their 20's and through marriage and motherhood. She's the same age as me and we got married to our respective husbands and had our first babies the same years. I've never met her, other than at a book signing.

But you think I'd be quoting her on MY blog and not the other way around.

Just a little psyched.


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