Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Have I been plagiarized?

OK, a few weeks ago, I wrote this: about Tom Brady on this very blog:

I mean seriously. The guy looks like the quarterback from Central Casting. "Uh.. We need a really clean cut guy with a square jaw, a dimple in his chin. Yeah.. Real tall and good looking. NO, not a Pimple, a DIMPLE with a D! Yeah a dimple. And he has to look like he's been playing football since he was nine. OK? And he needs to be kind of humble. Like he's honored to be there. Know what I mean? You've got some guy named Brady? Send me a head shot."

And today on boston.com Dan Shaughnessy said this: (excerpted here)

For a while now, we have wondered whether he'd be the one who never took a hit. Impossibly handsome, humble, and clutch, Brady seemed to have been delivered from Central Casting. Great teeth. Chin dimple.

I suppose everybody knows that stuff. But the Central Casting line had me wondering... But I probably was just writing something that people have been saying for years about him. But since I haven't been listening to hard, I just didn't notice.


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