Friday, January 26, 2007

He's Just not that in to You

Tower Records is closing all their stores. The 2 story Tower in Harvard Square is now a husk that will probably become a bank, a mall store, or a place to get a cell phone, just like everything in the Square. You can't throw a dead cat in Harvard Square without hitting a cell phone store or a bank. I never enjoyed hanging out in Record Stores, but Tower had it's uses.

Back when I was single and looking for Rich (but I didn't know that at the time) I'd meet some random guy if a date ensued we'd usually go on a date in Harvard Square. We'd eat or go to a movie and wander around The Square. If we ended up at a coffee shop, the date was going well. If the date ended up at Tower, it was like a skywriter was flying over head writing "This Guy will NEVER Call You Again." Nothing SCREAMS "I'm SO not into you" than taking a girl to a record store on a first date. Now what is the early warning system? A text message? An IM? Does he text her:
"I'm jst nt dat N2 u" or "wsh der wz stil a record stoR n harvard sq." Actually, there is. Newbury Comics is still in The Garage. But a trip to Newbury Comics on a date could go either way. It could mean, "I'd rather die alone and be eaten by cats than go out with you again." or "I'm not sure how I feel, so let's cruise around The Garage, maybe get some ice cream and go to Newbury Comics in the scheme of things." A trip to Newbury definitely left you in a gray area. But Tower, man. That was indisputable. Time to find a new guy.


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