Thursday, January 18, 2007

Police Car Fun

There was somebody playing with a police car behind my house last night. Allow me to elaborate: My house abuts the train tracks. The Somerville Ice Rink is on the other side of the tracks. There is a long driveway that goes around the rink that they use as an exit road for people leaving the parking lot. But at night it seems like a private place to have a car. However everybody on this side of the tracks can see what's going on over there.

One time last summer, there were a bunch of kids back there ramming a stolen car into the side of the rink. Last night, we looked out and saw a police car with its lights flashing. No big deal. Then the lights went out and we heard a bunch of different sirens coming from the Patrol Car. It sounded like there was a 10 year old boy in there pushing buttons. Then all the different lights started coming on at random, the blue lights, the headlights, the spotlight. Somebody was clearly playing around in there.

We were contemplated calling it in, but the Somerville Police are so mean and petty that I really didn't want to talk to them. Whatever was going on in that car would be covered up and summarily ignored so we let it go.

But then the car drove off.
The wrong way down the exit road.

With no headlights.


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