Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just who the Hell are YOU? (In case you're wondering)

Name: Margaret Sanford
Old Name: Margaret Block, AKA Meg Block

Age: 36 in 2007

Things I love:
My kids
My husband
My extended and immediate family
My house
Baking things that contain chocolate, butter and sugar on a cold day
(cooking in general)
Doing kids stuff on the weekend with the whole family
nap time
Really compelling books

Things I can't stand
stomach viruses (mine or other people's)
cigarette and cigar smoke in outdoor playgrounds
Junior ho' clothes on little girls
Commercials at the movies
Toddlers with bottles or binkies
Toddlers/Preschoolers who are in charge. (They make damn lousy adults.)
TV with commercials that I can't fast forward through
Parents who ignore their kids on the playground (when there are smaller children there)
99% of video games

Things I most yearn for:
Time alone. Completely alone.
Riding horses seriously again.
Time with my whole family.
my sense of smell (OK, so I've had a nasty cold these last few days)
nap time

Most absurd thing I've ever heard myself say as a parent:
"Eric GET your HEAD OUT of the TOILET!"



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