Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daughter Learns to Walk: Mom Gets Nostalgic (but not too Nostalgic)

Kaylee is walking for real. I remember this transition from before, but this is different. This is the last time I'll get to watch my own child learn to walk. It's been a long haul with K. Eric was a biped well before his first birthday. Kaylee will be a walker just shy of 14 months. She can walk on her own quite a bit now, but still like to walk with me, her hand tight around my finger like a tiny blood pressure cuff. She squeezes so hard, the blood rushes to the tip of my finger. But she is steady on her feet now. My hand is for reassurance, not for balance. But suddenly today, she has shown a preference for walking, when yesterday a crawl would do to get from point A to B. She can get up off the ground by herself, but it's not easy and now she gets mad when she falls instead of just crawling where she wants to be. She is often frustrated. But this is expected.

We went off to Sacramento Field today. They have a small play structure, just perfect for the under two set. She got herself up the stairs and down the slide with no intervention from me other than cheering.

I like this phase. I am not sorry to leave the newborn phase behind. The older my kids get, the more fun they get. Sure I like the tiny baby phase, but I am so much more comfortable with these sturdy, funny, opinionated children. Eric is becoming a wonderfully empathetic and smart kid. He takes his sister's hand and helps her walk across the yard. He builds complex patterns out of legos and train tracks.

Every phase with these kids has been my favorite. I suppose in about ten years, it will be shot to hell as I start cowering in my room, wondering what this hungry, smelly perpetually grouchy teenager is doing in my house. But I'm still hoping that will be my favorite phase as well.

One can dream, right?


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