Friday, August 10, 2007

The workweek closes

We switched Eric to his own water pitcher at school and suddenly the sky seemed to clear around him. Before he was sharing the pitcher with the other kids who were eating gluten-y snacky goodness. Hence, there was an opportunity for cross contamination. Then we had a few good days. He was clearly feeling better. No complaints about his stomach, and he had a great appetite.

But Tuesday they had play dough out. Play dough is made from flour and salt. Hence it's full of gluten. Rich was on parent help that day and he chased E around making him wash his hands every time he touched the play dough. Despite Rich's valiant efforts to keep Eric's hands clean I think he must have ingested some. Because today he was a monster and he passed out in the afternoon, which he almost NEVER does these days. The weird thing about Celiac Disease is that it can take a few days for the impact of the gluten to hit. So, we never know exactly when he ate something he shouldn't have.

Next year (after September) all the art supplies, including the play dough will be gluten free. The director has been incredibly cooperative about helping with this. I get so annoyed paying for it, because it's so expensive, but sometimes I am reminded what exactly we're paying for.

SO glad it's Friday. Rich has had a very busy couple of weeks at work, and has had a few nights where he comes home after the kids are asleep and he leaves in the morning before they're awake.

This leaves me in zombie mode on Friday night. But I still managed to pull together a pretty kick ass dinner.


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