Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Pretty Sunday

Eric climbed into our bed sometime around 2:00 AM and proceeded to sleep until we loosed Kaylee on him around 8:30. With the change of seasons he's been awake by six most days, so that was kind of weird. But he was fine, just tired.

K took a short nap, and was up by 2 so we took advantage of the gorgeous afternoon and headed out to Shelburne Farm in Stowe, MA for our Annual New England Family Apple Picking Experience (TM). It was really fun. It was late in the day when we got there, and more people were leaving than coming in, so it wasn't too mobbed. They had pony rides, which Eric was NOT interested in, and Kaylee is too young for. I am both dreading and hoping for her to have the horse gene. It would be fabulous to share that with my child, but it's so expensive. And we'd probably have to leave Somerville to do it properly and I don't think I could face that.


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