Friday, October 26, 2007

The Laryngitis Spectrum

Here are my six phases of laryngitis:

  1. Haley Joel Osment in the Sixth Sense. You can just whisper "I see Dead People" (but nothing else. Really freaked my kids out this afternoon, let me tell you.)
  2. Harvey Firestein
  3. Lilly Von Shtupp
  4. Demi Moore
  5. Kathleen Turner
  6. My normal voice

I'm at Lilly Von Shtupp at the moment. "I'm tired... Tired of being ADMIRED. Tired of being DESIRED." and so on and so forth. Although at the moment, I'm merely TIRED. Although I would so do Lilly at karaoke if given the chance. Not that I do karaoke any more, but I could rock that song, even with my limited range.

We just got back from Buffalo Tom at the Somerville Theater and they were fabulous. The first set was mostly acoustic and Tanya Donnely and Hilken Mancini came up and sang with them. I love the way you can feel the music in your chest at live shows. We were up in the nosebleed seats, but the sound was rich enough that it didn't matter. And, they were free so I'm so NOT complaining.

Anyhow. The day should be over. It's time to go crash now.

I'll just leave you with this Lilly von Shtupp quote:

"I've been with thousands of men
again and again
they promise you the moon
they're always coming and going
and going and coming
but always too soon"


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