Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday Morning: Revisited

5:20 AM "La la la... Brrrr. Thwwwppp...." coming through baby monitor. Rich goes up stairs and gives Kaylee binky. Brief quiet.

5:30 Rich dresses quietly and starts to leave. Thwump. Sound of door closing. "Hi there Boo!" he says as Eric appears in our room. Eric jumps into the bed.

5:45 all is quiet and through the baby monitor: La la BRrrrr.. Ma Ma Da Da Ba Bee... I go up and find the binky and lay the baby down again.

6:00 Eric is wiggling and talking send him to get dressed. Hear doors slam and toilet lid opening.

6:05 from bathroom "I'm DONE! I'm DONE" Go to bathroom and wipe tushie. (Never trust a 4 year old to wipe his own butt. Trust me on this one. Just give it another year)

6:10 Send boy to bedroom to get dressed. Return to bed and close eyes.

6:11 Boy streaks through bedroom. Say firmly "Eric GO GET DRESSED"

6:15 hear boy playing in room. Close eyes, breathe.

6:20 "Mommy can you help me get dressed?"

6:21 "NO."

6:22 "Mommy, can you help me make a lego tower?"

6:23 "No, get dressed"

6:40 Must have dozed off. Hear banging and clanging.

6:45 stomp stomp (sound of preschooler going downstairs) "Eric, are you dressed?"
"Yep!" rush out of bed and look downstairs. He is dressed!

"Oh, well I'd better get dressed too. Let's go wake up Kaylee. But DON'T climb in her bed!"

6:50 Boy rushes upstairs. Hear crib creaking as he climbs in

6:51 Kick boy out of sister's bed. Pull baby out of bed and she starts to cry. "What is it Kaylee, what do you want? Do you want your Blankie?

"NO! Kee Kee!"

Repeat conversation until mom realizes that Keekee is binky. Find Binky. Insert. Dress baby.

6:59 "OK, Kaylee it's time to say night night to binky."


"I'm going to count to three and then we have to say night night to binky. One... Two... Three..."


Repeat. Next time it works. Kaylee tosses binky into the crib. "Bye Bye! Bye Bye Keekee!"

7:04 Get to kitchen. Start pouring coffee. Serve kids muffins.

7:05 Wash dishes and load dishwasher.

7:08 Start water boiling for Eric's lunch pasta

7:10 "Nanna! Nanna" Cries the baby. Peel banana and hand off. "I want a banana!" Says the boy. Try to hand him half of Kaylee's bananna. "NO. I want a whole banana." Kaylee reaches for the banana in my hand and starts shrieking for it. She likes symmetry in her food. One for each hand.

7:12 Realize water is boiling and add pasta and realize I don't have enough. That's OK, there's about 8 packages in the basement. Try to get downstairs. "I want a WHOLE banana." says the boy.

7:15 Start to peel banana. "NO, I want to peel it." fold up banana peel back on to fruit and head down to get pasta.

7:18 Add more pasta to pot on stove and add a few minutes to the timer. Hope it's OK.

7:20 Boy starts running around the kitchen. Daughter starts shrieking because she's strapped to her high chair. "Are you finished?" I ask her "Yep." So, I start to take her food away. "NO!!" She snatches her muffin away from me and smears it on her face.

7:21 "Eric sit down and eat your banana. You asked for a whole one, and you'd better eat it." I warn. "I want some milk." He says. "We're out of milk. We'll get some from the store this afternoon."

"We're out of a lot of things, aren't we?" Yes, darling, very astute. Boy returns to table.

7:25 Take slug of coffee and begin to look for socks. Realize that son fingernails are so long he is starting to resemble Nos Feratu.

7:26 Attempt to locate fingernail clippers.

7:29 Timer on pasta goes. Put in Thermos and insert into lunch box

7:30 locate fingernail clippers and cut the fingernails of a remarkably cooperative boy.

7:35 Take another slug of coffee and locate 2 pairs of socks. One small, one smaller. Just like the kids. Go to put K's socks on and realize that her toes have become talons the nails are so long.

7:40 cut the nails of a screaming, wiggling baby.

7:45 realize she is only screaming because while I was focusing on her nails, Eric was playing with her favorite toy.

7:50 get both kids into their socks and shoes. Win argument with son about taking bike to school. NOT in the rain and NO, I'm not driving four blocks.

7:55 start swearing under my breath as I attempt to locate son's coat that I am positive I hung up in the coat closet the night before.

7:58 Locate coat wedged between 2 adult coats. Open back door and kids flow out. Try to distract son from play structure in yard because it is wet.

8:03 Kids are in stroller and relatively dry. I do the happy dance. Start to walk to school.

8:06 It starts raining. So, I start rushing. Then I realize that it will be too early to drop them off if I rush. Take my time a bit and get wet. Son is a good sport about Mom forgetting the rain cover.

8:14 Realize I forgot my swipe card. Stand in the rain with stroller at preschool door and feel like an idiot. Ring bell again. Door opened by kind but somewhat annoyed teacher.

8:15 Sign in son (I think) chat with teacher.

8:20 Rush through the rain to K's daycare.

8:28 Leave stroller on the porch. Chat with lovely childcare provider.

8:40 Skip through the rain in anticipation of several kid free hours!

9-12 Clean the house, do laundry, general catch up.

12:23 Get kids grocery shop

Life is good.


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