Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Four Days of Christmas

We usually celebrate Christmas three times. Once with my immediate family, later that day with my in laws and sometime later in the week (after everything has gone on sale) we exchange hastily bought doodads with my parents, sister, her boyfriend and her daughter.

This year, my folks were in town for Christmas proper and we did a huge Christmas dinner for all these families.

I am still recovering. I had done a special meal for my in laws the night before. Then we did the HUGE 14 person meal on christmas. Then 2 nights later we did a simpler, but still substantial meal for the third party.

This is combined with almost no downtime from the kids since last Thursday, if you count working at a fairly intense job at an office as downtime (which I do, how sad is that?).

I am exhausted. I need a vacation. A real vacation with a beach, warm sand the texture of corn flour and a pile of trashy novels that I actually have time to read. This is not going to happen any time soon, but I can go there in my head. The sky is cerulean and the clouds are shaped like antique lace.

Tonight we're ordering wings and watching the patriots and this meal will generate little or no dishes. This is the next best thing, given the circumstances.

I'll leave you with my son's version of Skater Boi by Avrille Lavigne

He was a boy
He was a skater board
she said see you later board

he was a skater board
she said see you later board


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