Friday, January 04, 2008

The Blog Persona: Your Public Face

My brief experience reading about my blog on another on line community got me thinking a lot about the way bloggers, myself in particular present themselves on line.

Everything I write about is true, some is embellished for my own amusement. I choose to write about a lot of the rosier moments that life presents. Nobody wants to hear about an over-extended frustrated mom. :-)

It's not quite like Bridget Jones/Helen Fielding where I'm sure Fielding drew from her own life to create Bridget in the local newspapers, but ultimately Bridget was truly fictional. It's kind of like having a radio show, where you are yourself, under your own name. But then, it's not quite the normal unvarnished you that your spouse sees in the morning, hairy legs, bad breath, saggy bits and all. It's a public persona, just the parts of yourself, your life that you wish to reveal to the world at large.

Recently, before I was hired at my current job, a soon to be co-worker found my blog. I was surprised, but ultimately unconcerned because this blog is designed for that. It's meant to be read by anybody who knows me, or might want to or currently employ me.

But at some point, when my kids are older I'll probably have to stop writing about them and figure out a way to archive all the Bully Ammunition lurking in my descriptions of their early formative years.

I don't think this is dishonest, it's just selective.

Pondering Complete.


Blogger Dan Dunn said...

Thinking about your audience is a good idea - some people are suprised to find out that their blog is read by their co-workers or prospective bosses. Glad you're in front of that.

But, if you think you can archive this and hide it from bullies, you're being optimistic. The web and its archives and caches . . . never forgets.

9:44 PM  

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