Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This is SO not what I predicted

Eric ages out of his current preschool next year, and we missed the kindergarten cut off by a day, so we enter what is known in parenting circles as the Mother F$$#CKING Pain in the A$$ Limbo Year. It's a year where we either hire a nanny to drive him to the one public preschool in Somerville or we invest in a year of private preK/daycare.

When I wasn't working, it seemed reasonable for me to drive him across town to school. Now that I have a job that I walk to, it's not such a great idea. I would have to push back my work day to start at 9:30 and that would be really difficult for my co-workers (who start work between 7-8) if I wasn't there at my usual 8:45 or so.

So, I found a preschool that has a PreK and (joy!) a class for two year olds. Did you say single drop off? How cool would that be? Right now, since Cambridge has early kindergarten (kids who turn 4 by March 1 of the calendar year can get an go to a year of "early kindergarten") and a lot of families choose 4 as the year to start private school, there usually would be room in the preK.

So, I was a bit shocked to get the call today that they had a spot for Kaylee, but we would have to wait a couple more weeks to find out what would be available for Eric. In other words, the preK is full at the moment, but they're reasonable certain that there will be room for him once private school and early kindergarten admissions shake out.

But they're letting me hold off on committing Kaylee to the spot until we get the word on Eric. Kaylee is fine to stay at her family daycare another year. I LOVE the provider. It would make no sense to send Kaylee to this school unless it would be to simplify my life and have only one drop off.

I'm just a little surprised and confused... But it will shake out as it's supposed to.



Blogger Downpuppy said...

Somerville has a lot of rules but if you puch a little, they can be bent. If Eric is reading, they might let him straight into Kindergarten. But hey, sounds like you have a Compleat Solution, so good luck!

Walking to the Brown (Kennedy or Argenziano for you, right?) is sooooo much better than the cross-town trip.

11:08 AM  
Blogger Margaret said...

First of all HI!! Good to know you're still reading!

We tried, but Tony Pierantozzi the school superintendent said that carving the kindergarten cut off in stone is the only way to prevent law suits. If they let one kid through and not others, there will be lawsuits. They have as he put it, other priorities.

Since you don't have a son, you may not have heard the educational mantra: "He's a boy. You have to hold him back, because he's a boy!" I don't believe this, but it's really ingrained and hard to argue with.

So, we're SOL on this one in terms of the public school. It will work out. It's just kind of stressful.

2:29 PM  

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