Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Emergency? No Problem! Use a Sled

There was a dinner party tonight at my mother's house in Cambridge where she has no driveway and we are about halfway through ten inches of snow. It's about a fifteen minute walk from my house in Somerville. My original thought was to put Kaylee in a sling, even though she's a little big for that and have Eric hike with us.

But Rich had a better idea. He got our biggest sled out, attached solid ropes to the holes in the front. We packed the kids into their full LL Beane winter regalia, bib snowpants, boots and winter coats. Hats, gloves an piled them into the sled. Rich ran all the way there, pulling the sled with me puffing and huffing afterwards. Kaylee sat in front of Eric and they were laughing and smiling the whole way there.

The party was for a friend of my cousin (the one that's in Iraq). He and his wife have been living in Providence, Rhode Island and he's officially finished with the Navy next week. They're going traveling to Barcelona and Paris and then they're moving to LA so he can go to film school. We got to know him pretty well when he and my cousin were roommates and we were sorry to see them go.

So, my mom made a total feast. We were supposed to bring dessert. My nanny who loves to cook and bake had made cupcakes for us to bring, but they didn't make it through the snowy afternoon. Not sure what happened there! But where there had been 12 cupcakes, there were only five, hardly enough to bring to a dinner party, right? So, I brought some vanilla ice cream and made fudge sauce from a recipe that I invented.

Dinner was lovely, but we didn't get out of there until nearly 8 and the kids were fried. The sledding trip home was not so idyllic. It was the opposite of idyllic. It was a freaking nightmare. By the time we hit Mass Ave, two blocks from my parent's house, Eric refused to sit frontwards in sled. He was lying on his back with his legs on either side and Kaylee in the middle. She did NOT like having his boots in her space and got hysterical. So, I implemented plan B and put her in the sling as we huffed and sweated our way up Wendell Street. Kaylee screaming bloody murder all the way. "Cock! Cock! (which can either mean sock or walk, int this case, it meant 'walk'). But it was freezing and snowing and there's no way anybody had the patience to "cock" back to Somerville in twentytwo month old gear. And she was SCREAMING "Daddy, I wanDaddy!" So, Rich let her walk about a block, then he picked her up like a duffel bag with no handles and I took the sled and we hustled the last few blocks to our house, Kaylee screaming all the way, Eric lying in the sled pretending to sleep.

I have to say, it was worth it for the trip to my mom's house. That was a perfect moment. Really.


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