Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby's Day Off

Kaylee woke up yesterday with puffy eyes. I thought I was imagining it when Rich didn't see anything amiss. Then he woke me up from my nap yesterday afternoonand said he was worried about all the eye boogers oozing out of her. Hmmm... One phone call to the doctor and a little tube of antibiotic goo later, we are fighting a run of the mill case of CONJUNCTIVITIS!

She's pretty cranky and fights the little tube of goo with the fierce will of a gladiator. But her eyes definitely look better from last night, so I think some must be getting in there while she's thrashing. Now, we're watching a little Sesame Street. She was mesmerized by it, just like I was at her age.

She has been so cranky today! She's not rubbing at her eyes, so I think it's just causing a general malaise. Poor boo.


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