Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How many trips to CVS does it take to pick up 3 prescriptions

1. The day of the December snowstorm, before it started snowing, I dropped off 3 prescriptions from E's pulmonologist.

2. I came in two days later to pick them up and they didn't have them. They hadn't been filled because of the storm. But they found them and said they would be processed.

3. A couple days later I came back and picked up ONE prescription. They lost the other two. They said they would call the doctor and re-do them.

4. I came back a couple days later. They had 2 prescriptions for me, but they were not what I needed. One was a generic, and we needed the brand name because the doc knew that the brand name version was safe for celiacs. They also had filled a script for albuterol, but it was in a puffer, and we needed it for a nebulizer. So, I took the albuterol and left the pharmacist to find out the gluten status of the generic. She was also going to call the doc back to get the albuterol for the nebulizer.

5. Three days later, I got a call. They had the albuterol for the nebulizer. They got in touch with the manufacturer of the other drug. The generic does not use any gluten ingredients, but it is not tested for gluten. That's good enough for me. I don't use gluten ingredients, but I don't test that status of my food either, so I went back the following Saturday. (It took a few days for me to get there. I'm on a tight schedule when I go to Harvard Square because I need to get to work and pick up Eric at both ends of that trip. I got the albuterol, but the other stuff had been put on hold because I had waited too long before I picked it up. I asked that it be taken off hold and said I would be back there in a day or so.

6. I went in today. The script never got taken off hold and they went through the paperwork to do it today so I can pick it up tomorrow.

So, I guess that's SEVEN trips for three prescriptions. It's a good thing I do all this on foot, or I would singlehandedly cause sea levels to rise.


Blogger Downpuppy said...

Ick. Was the 7th time the one?

Time to change drug stores!

I've never had a problem at the Porter CVS. And you do have an Osco Brooks RiteAid in your backyard...

10:17 AM  

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