Saturday, January 26, 2008


We all had a stomach virus back in November. First Kaylee, then me, then Eric then Rich. Eric was hit the hardest and has not completely recovered.

We have been in and out of the gastrointerologist's office and there isn't anything wrong with his blood work. But his stomach hurts and his appetite is almost nonexistent. He's lost about five pounds since his weight jumped up over the summer. I know it's not gluten. If he gets any gluten, well, there are very particular things that happen. In the bathroom. That I'd rather not talk about. But this is definitely not gluten. But what the heck could it be? The doctor said, it's actually not that unusual for kids to have stomach aches months after a virus. It's unusual, but they do see it. We're doing Miralax, and probiotics and we just started him on Prilosec. But he's still not hungry and says his stomach hurts.

My worry is compounded by the fact that this began THE WEEK I STARTED MY NEW JOB. It has to be a coincidence. It wasn't until January that he really saw much less of me than usual, as I started part time. The Jewish mother in me shouts that IT'S ALL MY FAULT! But the normal person in me tells me that it's a coincidence.


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