Saturday, January 19, 2008

Juno: Fairy or Cautionary Tale?

Eric got cranky yesterday afternoon and asked for my mom. So, I called her and figured they'd chat. He's starting to enjoy talking on the phone a bit. They hatched a plan for her to come over tonight and when I got back on the phone, she said "do you want to go out tonight?" to which I said something along the lines of "HELL YES!"

So, Rich and I got the rare dinner AND a movie. Once the default, dullest date around is not the epitome of excitement in my house. Whoo HOO!

So, we caught an early showing of Juno. It was really good and I was bawling, tears and snot streaming down my face at the end with nothing to wipe it on but my sleeve. EWE. When the credits rolled I bolted for the ladies and pulled myself together.

Juno is about a young girl who gets pregnant with the absolutely sweetest guy in school (Played by the actor who played George Michael Bluth in Arrested Development). She toys with the idea of an abortion but ends up choosing to let a couple she finds in the Pennysaver adopt it instead.

Her parents are disappointed, but supportive. But all in all, everybody behaves pretty decently. She begins a friendship with the adoptive father and witnesses their marriage start to unravel.

All in all, it was a wonderful film. It made me laugh and cry. It left me with a vague feeling of complete disbelief in what I had just seen. But I'm OK with that. Two hours of my time very well spent.


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