Monday, May 31, 2004

Memorial Day Weekend 2004

We headed west around 5 on Friday and got to The Farm around 7:30. It was just family this weekend. Zaida, The Neice, was up with my parents since Thursday. Sarah turned up late Saturday night. We hiked up the mountain with The Boy in a backpack. He's started wanting to nurse all the time again, day and night. It's strange. He seems to be going through phases. Perhaps it's the fact that he suddenly has 7 teeth. Tonight it's only 9:30 and he's woken up crying 4 times. But usually we just go back in there and make shushhing noises and he goes back to sleep.

But the weekend was lovely. My mother got a six burner stove, so GO MOM. With all the cooking we do out there, it really makes sense. They're in the process of reconfiguring the kitchen to create more counter space. However I don't think they'll actually get anything until they find something PERFECT. And that's tough.

Somebody in Salem is selling this house. I totally want it. I've had this fantasy about living in a converted church. As much as I love Salem, I don't want to live there right now. I'd rather be closer to my parents. We hang out with them a lot. I like having the help with my kid :-) And all our friends are here!!


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