Thursday, June 17, 2004

From Rich about his morning with The Boy:

"Yeah we had much fun. After breakfast and a change we went to the park. We played on the swing ... he didn't think much of the slide ... he had a great time in "the tube" standing and looking through the holes until he fell on his butt ... then we played in the sand with the bucket and met "Colin" who was also wearing 18-month size clothes but who was actually 18 months old! Once I could no longer keep him from eating the sand and sticks (I could keep the sticks out of his mouth but it was hard ... he got the sand past me once or twice) we headed home and I cleaned him up. He drank a lot of water/juice (sand probably made him thirsty) and he fell asleep in my arms around 10:10. When I left around 11:05 he was still asleep in the crib."


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