Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Looks like I'm ranting today...

There are a few things I'd like never to see in the news again.

One: The interworkings of the Catholic Church, I mean NOTE to the press. For the millions of NON and NON-Practicing Catholics in Massachusetts, we don't really care what Parishes are closing, nor who has been slated to run what. I have worked at many different companies in Boston and maybe one percent of the people I've worked with are practicing Catholics. They closed a public school in Somerville this year and there was no Globe coverage of that. I'm sure it effected as many people as Our Lady or Perpetual Grilled-Cheese-Sandwiches or whatever it's called, over in (Insert Random Boston borough here). Yes, I do think it's news that they've been covering up decades worth of child abuse. But they report it like these guys are elected officials. Report it in the Catholic press, but don't waste precious airtime on it. The more time wasted on who is going to be the archbishop of whatever, the less time is devoted to exposing the hideousness of the Bush administration.

Two: I'd like never to see: "President" Bush with out the word "Former" before it.

Three: I would really like never to see Jennifer Lopez. I despise her. I've tried to watch a couple of her movies and she's such a zero talent. And they've all flopped!! Why do they keep casting her? Her music is completely devoid of soul and originality. I just don't get it. Why is she such a celebrity? I totally see the appeal of say, Beyonce, even if I don't particularly enjoy her music. When did the Boston Globe become a gossip tabloid? When did it become a mouthpiece for the Catholic Church?

Enough ranting. My birthday is coming up on Thursday. I'll be the big Three FOUR! I think I'm practicing getting crochety. I cut all my hair off, or at least a good ten inches of it. and it's light brown instead of blonde who knew? But now, the magnificent little dude can not grab it as easily.

Speaking of the dude, he had a little fever on Sunday. But it seemed to have resolved itself by the end of the day. I've been letting him crawl around the sandy area in our local playground. He loves it. He gets filthy, but he's a little boy. That's what they do.

We signed him up for 2 or 3 days a week at our local Mullbery daycare in Davis Square. It's not ideal. I'd like somewhere a little more touchy-feely. But I think he'll do just fine there. Once he's two, hopefully we'll send him to Bigelow where my neice went. She did really well there. The best thing about Mullbery is that they let the kids fingerpaint with pudding. How cool is that?


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